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We are biggest Embroidery Design provider since 28 April 2011 on Internet. Our embroidery designs are used in current trends and wildly running flat, sequins and cording Embroidery Designs.We are having online designer team who working from all over the world. We are a team of highly energized professionals with a world-class background and experience of working with some of the largest and best retail/fashion companies in India. Each one of us is equally passionate about providing the best online shopping experience to our customers, building the best online E-Commerce technologies and sourcing your favorite merchants and brands. You can learn more about us from About page. Embdesignclub holds currently 4 main section as follows. You can shop and purchase latest embroidery designs from our Latest Designs Section. On Bulk Design Section, you will be able to purchase embroidery designs in bulk at lowest price. On our service section, you will be able to order new custom embroidery designs based on your customers requirement, design consulting section offers our highly qualified designs consultant to consult your design for machine friendly and you can share your designs with us. On Seller section, you can earn money by sharing your latest embroidery designs.

In the latest design section, you can find world class quality embroidery designs with fully categorized of your choice.

Currently, we have more than 15 category available with all different stitch style & latest embroidery patterns & ready to use with the computerized embroidery machine.

Below points help you to find the best embroidery designs.

A. Full design information like Stitches/Points, Thread Colors, Height, Width, Design Type, Design File Format, Head Interval or Area, Verified / Tested, Sub-designs Info.

B. Best Stitch Quality

C. Image Preview With Best Thread Color

D. We Provide Free Software Based Design Splitting Service*

E. Free File Format Convert

F. Free Pre-Order Hoop Testing

If you need any other format design, we can always provide that to you. Sometimes, you might need single head embroidery design or your hoop is smaller, at that time, we can provide you the same design, split into multiple parts according to your hoop-size and requested file format.

Under bulk download, you can see video preview of the designs in the package. If you think you are not in budget for latest designs with FREE splitting, you might want to try this package. As you will get designs in bulk instead of buying specific according to your choice. We launch this bulk package each month. Quality of the design may be compromize as compared to latest design section. However you still can use this designs according to your requirement. We don’t offer FREE splitting and converting to other file format in this package.

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